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Merry Christmas to all

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on December 2, 2012


It’s the holiday season again and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those readers and supporters of my blog and my website, for taking time to not only read my blog posts view my videos.

But also for commenting and making suggestions, to give me ideas on things that you would like to see on my blog and website, but for leaving comments about the things that you enjoyed over the year.

I would also take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in the holiday season, whatever that means for you.  Whether it is spending time and friends Having an opportunity to just relax and slow down from your hectic pace of work and everything else that you are involved in.

I want you to have a very good holiday season and may 2013 be a very wonderful year for you with everything you wish.

Growing into Self Employment

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on July 5, 2009

Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast, a few days ago while riding on the sky train I saw a poster for a job fair which was coming up in our local area this cause me to think a great deal about how things had changed in the last five years for me.

Five years ago I was employed in a regular employment situation where someone else controlled the hours that I worked, the days that I worked, and in some ways what I did and how I did it.

The more I thought about the way things are now being self-employed I enjoy much more freedom, much more control.  I choose the type of work that I do, who I work with, as well as the hours and the days that I work.

I’m able to take time off when I want to and when I need to.  I’m able to spend much more time with friends and family doing the things that I enjoy and I get to work the hours that I want, best of all I don’t have to leave home to do what I do.

Whether is no longer a factor for me and neither is the amount of time that I commute back and forth to work because I can be anywhere in my home within 30 seconds.  I also find it very interesting that due to modern technology I can work with anyone anywhere in the world and never leave home.

Being self-employed has given me a great deal of options that I didn’t have before, I’m realizing how fortunate I am to have this opportunity and I am no longer so worried about my future because my future is now in my control.

I can make my future anything that I choose and to me this means a great deal, I’m sure as I grew more and more and develop my business into what I envision in my mind at this point I will become even more comfortable with self employment.

I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic, please e-mail me at darrellh@enablingabilities.comfeel free to visit my website Thank you very much.

2008 in review

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on December 15, 2008

Here is my latest podcast.  Enjoy!  Happy Holidays

A look back at 2008 Transcript

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on

Hello everyone

Here is my latest podcast, enjoy!  Happy Holidays

Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast, 2008 is fast coming to an end and I thought I would look back over some of the things that had happened in 2008 and look forward to 2009.


One of the first things I remember was being in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks in March which pretty much took care of that month and by far put me behind in what I had wanted to do and what I thought I was going to be able to achieve.


The year was a good one overall however, I got a lot of time to think and figure out where I wanted my business to go and some of the things I had wanted to do in 2008 did indeed happen. I was able to redo my website, however I notice now it needs another renovation but that’s another story.


I also learned in 2008 two very important things that I really like to do one of them is creating podcasts on computer topics, the other is creating videos both of these things I love to do by doing that I’ve found my communication tools and so on that I want to focus on. I would definitely like to thank those people for helping me figure this out.


One of the key people involved was Penny Haynes and for those of you that know about penny you know how wonderful she is and what an expert she is in the field.


I look forward to 2009 and achieving many more goals and seeing what happens as the year progresses.  If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at you can also visit my website Thank you very much

Dragon Naturally Speaking Part 2

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on November 14, 2008

Here is my latest podcast.  I explore Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 further.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Part 2 Transcript

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on

Here is the transcript for my latest podcast.  I explore Dragon Naturally Speaking further.


Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast you may remember my last podcast I talked about Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 the latest software from .


Today I’m going to be doing of part two of that, now that I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for a little while I’ve come across some new and interesting things that may be of interest to you.   I’ve been using the software for about a month now and I like it very much.


It seems very reliable, very stable works in almost all applications I’ve tested it with the Microsoft office suite I’ve also been using it in the open office suite of applications and it works very well in both of those Dragon Naturally Speaking is Set up an optimized to work with Microsoft office, for example in Outlook you can simply say send to send a particular e-mail that you have written.  


You can also move between the fields for example the subject field or the carbon copy field you simply say go to subject field and it will automatically move the cursor into that particular field and then you can go ahead and dictate whatever your subject and you can either say go to body field or just say tab from the subject field to get into the main text box where you can type your message.


I have however found that over a period of time particularly if using Dragon in word or excel there can be a point where the dictation stops even though you continue to speak and the software continues to register your voice pattern there is no text being typed into your active application.   I have found a article related to that on the nuance website I will put a link to that article in the transcript, at this point I have tried the fix and I was unable to get it to work so if anyone has had this problem And has a solution, I would be very interested to hear what it is.


I said I have also tried it with the open office suite of applications particularly the writer and the dictation works very well the writer software has much less overhead than many other applications and tends to allow the dictation to work very well.  I can actually dictate faster in open office writer than I can in word and there are very few slow moments where I have to wait for Dragon to keep up to me.


I like this version of Dragon for things such as filling in forms on web pages it works flawlessly basically no matter what application I’ve been in the software has dictated for the most part with I would say about 95% accuracy what was spoken.  I look forward to using this software more and experimenting with more of the features involved, and as I learn more I will continue to keep you posted on interesting things that I’ve find


If you have any comments or concerns or questions things you would like to see on this podcast please let me know you can e-mail me at feel free to visit my website which is  thank you very much.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 First Look

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on October 15, 2008

I am now using Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10.  Here are my first thoughts.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 First Look Transcript

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on

Here is the transcript for my latest podcast.  Enjoy!

Hello and welcome to the Enabling Abilities to Appear podcast.  Today I wanted to talk about a piece of software that I’ve used for several years and have had the opportunity to work with three different versions now.  I’m talking about Dragon Naturally Speaking from nuance


I originally started using the software at version four the software is designed for voice recognition which means that a person can speak to their computer and have their speech translated into text, in the earlier versions the software took a great deal of training over an extended period of time to get it to work well.


Recently I had the opportunity to purchase version 10 of this software the preferred edition and in doing some research prior to purchasing it the website which is said that the recognition was approximately 99% with absolutely no training and of course having used the software before I was somewhat skeptical.


When I purchased the software I thought well before I do any training I’ll go ahead and install the software and see how it works before I do anything additional and to see what the results are.  I have been very impressed I have done no training at all and I would estimate that I’m getting between 90 and 95% recognition.


I do notice however that the minimum system requirements for version 10 have gone up significantly from earlier versions, they recommend a dual core machine with a 1.6 GHz processor and a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. Ram. The system I’m using Dragon on the use dual core 2.2 GHz processor with 3.4 GB of RAM and as I say it works exceptionally well with no training.


I’ve been impressed I’ve worked within my e-mail program which is Outlook and I can certainly dictate my e-mails I have been able to dictate documents in Word which with earlier versions had been a problem with the recognition factor I ended up using the Dragon pad which is part of Dragon Naturally Speaking to do the dictation and then copy and paste that text into Word.  so now I don’t have to do that which is a very nice improvement.


I also found that with the new version I can now fill out forms on web pages much easier, so overall I have to say that I’m impressed and like very much what nuance has done with this particular product.  I look forward to working with it more and doing some training to see how I can improve the recognition even more.


I think I’ll be able to do much more in the way of navigating web pages and so on with the Dragon to make my life much easier.  I would think for anyone who has trouble typing because of carpal tunnel or other severe hand and wrist injuries this would be a very good option to look at and the price has remained basically the same for the product depending on the version that you buy is approximately $200 which is quite reasonable for the value of this product


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or show ideas that you would like me to discuss please send me an e-mail at You may also visit my website which is  Thank you very much.

BlogWorld 2008

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on September 27, 2008

Here is my latest podcast aboutBlogWorld 2008.  Enjoy

BlogWorld 2008 Transcript

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on

Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast.  My name is Darrell Hyatt, you may have noticed that this podcast is later than usual in being published and that’s because from September 15 to the 22nd I was in Las Vegas and was at the blogworld conference.


This was the second annual blogworld conference and the conference is about podcasting and blogging in general and every year they get together and discussed key topics related to blogging, podcasting and new-media.


My wife and I went this year and we also went last year as well, each year it seems to get a better and better, at the conference you get the opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with people you haven’t seen for a while from all over the world it is a very international conference and even though it’s a lot of fun it’s a great learning experience as well.


you get the opportunity to talk with other people who are doing similar things to what I’m doing and it’s a great forum for exchanging ideas getting answers to questions and learning new tasks as well as learning about new opportunities new technology in this area and overall I must say I enjoyed it a great deal.


It was fun to connect with people we had met last year as well as meet some incredible new people, I guess the key point that I like to make here is that there’s always opportunities to learn and advance in your desired skill area or field and no matter how old you are no matter how young you are, there’s always new things to learn and don’t let any and all opportunities go by thank you very much.


If you have any questions please e-mail me at or visit my web site