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Useful Applications for All

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on February 1, 2010

Hello and welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast. A few days ago I was talking with Glenda the left thumb blogger about how things had to changed in the world of computing and in particular how there were so many more tools available for individuals and small business to do things that weren’t possible in a short time ago.

So I thought I would look at some of my favorite application and pass along some of them to you and see if maybe they would be helpful for you. I would also be very interested in your comments about some of the software tools and so on that you find very useful for you or your company’s.

The first program that I find indispensable at this point now is Skype which is a communication program that you can use for communicating with individuals all around the world as long as they have Skype. And Skype is a very nice free application you can download it at I often use this to communicate with my clienta help them with their tech support questions.

Now another application that works very well in conjunction with Skype is called Mikogo and that can be found Mikogo is an application that will allow me to see the other person’s computer screen. This is very helpful when doing tech support or application training because being of those see their screen I can advise them what to do next in real time and I’m certain of what’s going on it’s not a case of them having to try and describe what they’re looking at I can actually see it at the same time that they are seeing it.

Another program that I use a great deal is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I’ve done several podcasts on the software earlier, because it allows me to speak into the computer and it types for me I’m able to be much more productive because I only type at five or 10 words a minute and yet I can dictate at probably 30 to 40 words a minute and once you train this particular software on the sound of your voice it works extremely well I get approximately 85 to 90% recognition of the text that I dictate.

It also has other features such as playback so that I can listen to the text that I’ve typed which works well for editing and spelling mistakes and just allowing me to make sure that I get the message across that I really want to.

Dragon Naturally Speaking also allows me to transcribe other audio files that I’ve done into a text format you can find out more about Dragon Naturally Speaking at So those are a few of my favorite applications that I love to use that I use very frequently and I hope you find those particular programs useful to you.

if you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at you can also visit my website which is  Thank you very much

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