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Useful Applications for All (Part 2)

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on February 15, 2010

Hello and welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast. Earlier this month I did a podcast about some of my favorite tools that I use frequently and I didn’t have a chance in that podcast to talk about some of the tools that I use to create this podcast or any of the videos that I’ve done, some of which have been posted on YouTube.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to do a part two of the favorite tools that I use the first one I want to talk about is a program called Audacity it’s a free sound recording tool that allows you to record an audio file you can do some very interesting editing with it as well I use it because it works very well in conjunction with Dragon Naturally Speaking and the recognition of the text from the audacity wave file is very good.  You can get audacity from

Another program that use is called WavePad, this is the program that I used for editing my audio files for my podcast.  It allows me to clean up the audio remove unwanted noise and any extra words or phrases like the dreaded” um” Word.

I can remove that using WavePad and create a very clean audio file.  Another one           that I use for my podcast for the mixing of the audio file itself and the music that you hear at the beginning and end of my podcast, the program that I use to put all that together into one file is called MixPad.

Both MixPad and WavePad come from the same company and it’s called NCH there is the free version of both wave pad and MixPad, but they will only work for a short period of time and then you will be asked to purchase a copy.

When it comes to working with video I have two programs that I’m going to talk about the first one is Adobe Premier elements eight, this is the latest version of the Adobe Premier elements series it handles all types of video files including high-definition video which I’ve just moved into recently and love it very much.

The Adobe Premier elements is a very useful program it has advanced features allows you to a great number of effects and yet is simple to use and the results are very good. The program itself can be downloaded in a trial format from the price for Adobe Premier elements is approximately one hundred and fifty dollars.

The other program I use for video is one called Camtasia Studio. This program can be downloaded in a trial format as well from

I like Camtasia Studio because it is a screen recording program which allows me to capture what’s on my screen of my computer and save it as a video. This is very useful when creating training videos or wanting to produce a demonstration on how to do a particular computer task.

It allows me to show individuals exactly what to do as if I was in the room with them. Camtasia Studio also allows me to create captions for my videos which means that they are accessible to a wider audience, those people who are deaf hard of hearing for example can view with full functionality my videos and thereby allows me to reach a wider audience with the information that I have.

Camtasia Studio is approximately $300 US, and again it is a very worthwhile program for anyone that wants to get into videos particularly where you need to capture your screen.

I hope these tips on the programs that I use to create my products and services will be helpful to you in getting some ideas where to look if you were would like to try out any of these particular programs.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at you can also visit my website which is www.enabling Thank you very much.

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