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My Quandary

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on March 15, 2010

Hello and welcome to the Enabling Abilities to Appear podcast. Today I wanted to discuss an issue that is important to all of us as entrepreneurs and solopreneurs,

and some of us have more difficulty with this than others.

The topic I want to talk about is how do we provide good customer service without going too far, and by that how do we provide good customer service so that we give our customers value and yet don’t spend more time than is necessary and thereby lose our self money or cost our self money.

Recently I had a situation where a new client wanted me to do some work on his computer and I didn’t have a problem with the work that was requested however, when I looked into the machine itself and saw that there was quite a few significant issues with the machine I spent a great deal of time trying to find solutions for his particular issues and essentially provide the service that he had asked me to provide.

Ultimately for me after spending several hours and exhausting all possibilities to do the work that was needed I was unable to come up with a solution to his particular problems.  The next question for me became how much do I charge this individual knowing that the work that was needed was not able to be done and this was due to issues that were beyond my control as well as his.

So as I this left me with the quandary of how much do I charge, if I charge what I should for the number of hours I spent to the invoice would be a great deal of money which would make the client unhappy and ultimately would make me unhappy because I felt that there was a good likelihood I would lose this individual as a long-term client.  So I ended up picking the number that I was comfortable with for the invoice, knowing that I was losing money and that’s what I ended up going with.

Between myself and the client we ended up resolving issues and he is now a happy client who knows what his next step is going to be in terms of the next computer and so on.  I am sure that I will see this person again as a client but it still leaves me with that quandary of what happens the next time.

How do I resolve this issue of getting paid what I’m worth as well is getting paid for the hours of time that I do put in, no matter which way you look at this there’s many different answers and hopefully at some point I will come up with something that benefits both myself and the individuals I work with.

I look forward to hearing your responses to this difficult questions.  Please feel free to visit my website which is and feel free to comment on this particular podcast.  Thank you very much.

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