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Magnification made Easy

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on July 1, 2010

Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast I’m going to continue my series on the Ease of Access Center which is part of Windows 7.  It used to be cold accessibility options in earlier versions of Windows, in my last podcast I talk to will be on screen keyboard.

In the this episode I’m going to talk about the magnifier in earlier versions of this particular application you could magnify the screen anywhere from 1 to 9 times, which was a significant amount if you were an individual who had minor difficulty seeing items that were particularly small such as icons this was quite sufficient.

You had significant options as well in terms of whether you want to follow cursor all those sorts of things you could do, the magnification area itself could be adjusted in size  to cover approximately half of the screen it did take some getting used to.

In the new version of this particular program you have the option of having the magnification area docked at the top and you can drag it to any size you want including the entire screen. Docked is the way the magnifier worked in earlier versions.

You also have here the option of what’s called a lens and that is simply the same as if you are carrying around a magnifying glass and looking at various options, it will follow the mouse etc you can make the lens any size you want tall or thin and long. whatever basically suits your needs the best.

The new version also allows you to go to full screen magnification which by far is my favourite of the options and this allows you to have the whole screen magnified and so there’s no separate area where the magnification shows up and another area where you are moving your mouse that’s the standard regular size of everything which some users had found disconcerting and hard to get used to.

One of the other things that I noticed in your version of the software is that the magnification is simply done in percentages rather than times magnified from 2 to 9, now it’s 100% 200% etc. you can go all way up to 1600 times which is very very significant and makes things extremely large but then the graphics themselves are very jagged and somewhat unclear.

I would find it very hard to use the software with the magnification that high, over all I find the new version of the magnifier very well done has some nice enhancements gives you a lot more flexibility in not only what you can do with the magnifier, but how you use it and where you have it on your screen.  You can also invert the colors with this version and it’s very neat very crisp and again a nice enhancement.

If have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at or visit my website which is Thank you very much.

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