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Ibooks (reading with Ipad)

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on August 29, 2010

Hello and welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast I. found a rather interesting application for my ipad  recently, it’s one that I have looked at before and had not bothered to actually install and use because I thought I would have to pay for a lot of the items.

The application that I’m referring to is the iBooks application, this is a book reading application and when I first looked at it I thought there not that I have any free books so I won’t bother tying up space on my ipad.

Well I looked at it recently and found that there was a wealth of free books available on almost any topic you want and even if you’re looking at a paid book they are the same cost as if you had gone out and purchased them from a bookstore.

However I find having books on my ipad much more convenient, much easier to read because I can adjust the size of the text on the page which makes it easier for me to read.  There’s also the convenience of having the books available to me any time anywhere as long as I have my ipad with me which has now become an indispensable item.

When I looked through the list of free books I found that a lot of be classics such as Moby Dick, Three Musketeers, Grimms Fairy Tales, The Art of War, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were all available.

This leads me to the thought that having an ipad with iBooks may be particularly useful for children and teens with disabilities who have difficulty manipulating a book, and have difficulty say turning the pages or even holding onto an actual physical book.

Having an ipad with these books loaded on it may make it significantly easier and more enjoyable for these individuals to actually sit down and read the books which in turn will open up new worlds and new possibilities for them.

Overall I think the iBooks application is a very good one it’s very well-thought-out and is a good tool for anyone who likes to read and likes to have that material readily available to them any time they need it.

if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at   you can also visit my website which  Thank you very much.

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