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Wordq first look

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on March 31, 2011

Hello welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast. I’ve been evaluating a program called wordQ the program is for word expansion, abbreviation and completion.

The software is very good has several interesting features that I’m very impressed with, the program works well in the environment that I was testing it in. I are used it for about a week and a half just experimenting looking at the various things the program does.

One of the things that I really liked was the fact that you could create your own abbreviation expansions so if you got words and phrases that you use a lot for example your name, your address, your e-mail address all those kind of things you can create your own abbreviations and over time you would learn those and that would just become second nature.

The other thing that I liked the in the word list as your typing and it comes up with the five or six words that it thinks you may be thinking of, you can customize that in ways such as the font you want to use for the words. you can also customize the number of words that appear on the list you have complete flexibility on items such as how many spaces to leave after a period, one or two. You can also have it set to auto capitalize the first word in the next sentence.

This program is also designed with speech capability and reading capability in other words as your typing you can have it speak the words that you are typing, you can also set it if you don’t want to speak every word it will speak complete sentences and then it’s got the reading feature where if you select text and click the read button using a variety of computer voices it will read the sentence or the text that you selected.

Which is great for those of us who are not writers and who have difficulty with English and does what I’m writing sound correct and sound the way I want. Using the read feature you can have the software read it for you, so for someone like me who is not a writer it gives me the opportunity to listen to what I’ve actually written and so I’m able to pick up quite a lot of my errors in terms of I have used the wrong word, I typed a word twice all those kind of things and so it makes the overall product of my writing much better.

Over all I love this program and the one downside that I would say is there’s an add-on-for this program called speakq which is a voice recognition add on which allows you to speak and the software will convert your speech to text.

The problem I have with this is that it has to be a separate add-on for the program. I use a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking for my voice recognition and I’m not able to use the Dragon software in conjunction with the wordq software.

If I want the voice recognition part I have to go with the speak q which means that I would have to learn an entirely new piece of software. But as I say overall I’m very impressed with the program and like its overall function.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at you may also want to visit my website which is Thank you very much.


  • Glenda Watson Hyatt said,

    I’m testing WordQ now, as a replacement for EZ Keys, which doesn’t play nicely with the web 2.0 apps. WordQ has a few little quirks that I’m still trying to figure out. Overall I am liking the program.

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