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Gmail & Dragon Naturally Speaking do not talk to each other

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on May 12, 2011

Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast. As many of you know I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do the majority of my dictation work as well as create the transcripts for all of my podcast.

One of the other things that I used Dragon for exclusively is doing my text entry for my e-mails, and recently I switched to using Gmail as my main program for email because of the fact that it allows me mobile access to all of my e-mail accounts when I’m away from my office teaching and so on.

The other day I had received an e-mail and I wanted to the reply to it, when I tried to use Dragon for writing the reply I found it didn’t work at all, in fact I got very unusual results I went into a variety of different programs based on saying very common things that had nothing to do with the other applications that got started.

This got me thinking and I went in to Google Docs started a text document tried using Dragon and it worked very very well. I also went into the Google spreadsheet and tried entering numbers and so on, and once again it worked reasonably well.

There were some mistakes were made in the spreadsheet but over time I’m sure that with some training I couldn’t correct those types of errors which again told me that it’s not Dragon potentially that may be the problem.

But for the most part I’m very surprised that this did not work given the popularity of remote mobile applications such as e-mail, document creation, presentation creation and so on.

I’m not sure what the answer is in the case of Gmail, I do know however that I have tried Dragon with Microsoft Outlook and with Mozilla Thunderbird and in both those applications Dragon worked well.

Hopefully this situation can be resolved so that I don’t have to switch to another e-mail program yet again. I will keep you posted and I would certainly like to hear from anyone else who’s encountered this problem or something similar.

If you have please leave me a comment, feel free to visit my website is Thank you very much.

  • Ed said,

    I am having the same problems with 11.5. It used to work fine with 10.5, but now nothing. It is very frustrating.

    Do you have any work arounds?



  • Quintin Hoffmann said,

    Thank you ever so for you blog post.Thanks Again. Will read on…

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