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Dragon 12 my thoughts

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on August 13, 2012

Hello welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast. I have recently upgraded to Dragon naturally speaking premium version 12, as I’m sure many of you existing Dragon NaturallySpeaking users have also done.

I have been Dragon user since about version 4 of the software and absolutely love the software, the more I use it the more I find it incredible and this latest version is no exception.

There are a great deal of enhancements in it not only in terms of the options that you have as an end-user but also in the performance of the software itself. One of the biggest things that I’ve found useful is the fact that they enhanced the web-based use of the product, for example you have much better control over using your web browser both Internet Explorer version 9 and above as well as Firefox I believe it’s version 12 and above and then Google Chrome as well.

They’ve enhanced the ability to search, they’ve also enhanced the use of Dragon when it comes to programs such as Gmail and Hotmail and since I use Gmail exclusively for my email, for both personal and business use I found this a very useful enhancement for me.

The dictation works much better, much cleaner much fewer mistakes in Gmail then in previous versions. Another feature that I particularly like is the dictation box where if you’re on a form or something that does not give Dragon total control over the text box Dragon will now bring up what it calls dictation box and you can dictate your text or your response to the text box into their dictation box and then there’s a button at the bottom of the box which says transfer and then it transfers whatever you dictated into the dictation box into that text field.

Now this makes much greater control and much more flexibility in terms of being able to enter text in fields on websites and so on, I found it very useful and a feature that I’m glad they’ve added.

I also found that I like their new interactive training format, it’s much more intuitive much more informative for the end-user. However I did find some of the examples in their interactive training did not work for me, and I don’t know whether it was just my particular voice that day or what the scenario was.

But overall I love the program and since I’ve also recently upgraded my computer to a much higher end machine I’ve found that some of the commands in previous versions of Dragon that did not work i.e. some the office Natural Language Commands had been disabled.

When I installed Dragon due to the system that I had, have now all been enabled and that as well has enhanced the performance of Dragon. I noticed over all the response time of Dragon as you dictating is much better, the error rate is much lower as your dictating I’m not correcting nearly as many mistakes as I dictate and therefore my productivity has gone up significantly.

I do recommend that you spend the time and do an initial training and setup, it will enhance your overall usability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I would be interested in hearing from other users of Dragon how they find this new version in comparison to earlier versions that they have tried.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at darrellh you may also visit my website which is Thank you very much.

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