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Dragon Naturally Speaking Part 2 Transcript

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on November 14, 2008

Here is the transcript for my latest podcast.  I explore Dragon Naturally Speaking further.


Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast you may remember my last podcast I talked about Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 the latest software from .


Today I’m going to be doing of part two of that, now that I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for a little while I’ve come across some new and interesting things that may be of interest to you.   I’ve been using the software for about a month now and I like it very much.


It seems very reliable, very stable works in almost all applications I’ve tested it with the Microsoft office suite I’ve also been using it in the open office suite of applications and it works very well in both of those Dragon Naturally Speaking is Set up an optimized to work with Microsoft office, for example in Outlook you can simply say send to send a particular e-mail that you have written.  


You can also move between the fields for example the subject field or the carbon copy field you simply say go to subject field and it will automatically move the cursor into that particular field and then you can go ahead and dictate whatever your subject and you can either say go to body field or just say tab from the subject field to get into the main text box where you can type your message.


I have however found that over a period of time particularly if using Dragon in word or excel there can be a point where the dictation stops even though you continue to speak and the software continues to register your voice pattern there is no text being typed into your active application.   I have found a article related to that on the nuance website I will put a link to that article in the transcript, at this point I have tried the fix and I was unable to get it to work so if anyone has had this problem And has a solution, I would be very interested to hear what it is.


I said I have also tried it with the open office suite of applications particularly the writer and the dictation works very well the writer software has much less overhead than many other applications and tends to allow the dictation to work very well.  I can actually dictate faster in open office writer than I can in word and there are very few slow moments where I have to wait for Dragon to keep up to me.


I like this version of Dragon for things such as filling in forms on web pages it works flawlessly basically no matter what application I’ve been in the software has dictated for the most part with I would say about 95% accuracy what was spoken.  I look forward to using this software more and experimenting with more of the features involved, and as I learn more I will continue to keep you posted on interesting things that I’ve find


If you have any comments or concerns or questions things you would like to see on this podcast please let me know you can e-mail me at feel free to visit my website which is  thank you very much.

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