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A look back at 2008 Transcript

Posted by Darrell Hyatt on December 15, 2008

Hello everyone

Here is my latest podcast, enjoy!  Happy Holidays

Welcome to the enabling abilities to appear podcast, 2008 is fast coming to an end and I thought I would look back over some of the things that had happened in 2008 and look forward to 2009.


One of the first things I remember was being in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks in March which pretty much took care of that month and by far put me behind in what I had wanted to do and what I thought I was going to be able to achieve.


The year was a good one overall however, I got a lot of time to think and figure out where I wanted my business to go and some of the things I had wanted to do in 2008 did indeed happen. I was able to redo my website, however I notice now it needs another renovation but that’s another story.


I also learned in 2008 two very important things that I really like to do one of them is creating podcasts on computer topics, the other is creating videos both of these things I love to do by doing that I’ve found my communication tools and so on that I want to focus on. I would definitely like to thank those people for helping me figure this out.


One of the key people involved was Penny Haynes and for those of you that know about penny you know how wonderful she is and what an expert she is in the field.


I look forward to 2009 and achieving many more goals and seeing what happens as the year progresses.  If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at you can also visit my website Thank you very much

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