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How to create podcast transcripts using Dragon Naturally Speaking

Hello fellow podcasters, I have a question for you would you like to reach more people with your podcasts? Would you like your podcasts to be searchable and thereby increase your search engine ranking? I know how important the issue of accessibility is in the area of social media in general and podcast.

I would like the opportunity to show you a simple and effective way to create your show notes for your podcasts which will allow you to do all of these things with a minimum investment of time and money.

This workshop will show you how to create your show notes using Dragon Naturally Speaking software as well as some basic editing techniques. You will learn how to match the audio of your podcast to the text of your show notes.

Join me for this 45 minute workshop which will include step-by-step demonstration of the techniques involved, everyone who participates in the workshop will receive a student handbook and I will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Date: June 22nd
Time: 5 pm P.S.T.
Price: $25.00
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