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Darrell Hyatt

Mr. Darrell Hyatt has over 25 years experience working with computers. Darrell has training in social work, business administration, computer applications and trainer development. He has extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of adaptive technologies.

With his position eliminated due to government funding cuts to programs for people with disabilities, Darrell has started his own consulting firm specializing in free and inexpensive adaptive technology. After all, adaptive technology doesn’t need to be expensive! Darrell wants to simplify the process to enable more people’s abilities to shine. He has shared his knowledge and experience with various audiences.

Darrell has cerebral palsy, allowing him a unique perspective on the technology needs of persons with disabilities. He understands the importance of the computer as a tool, and how adaptive technology enables many individuals to use that tool more effectively to achieve their goals.

Through the use of adaptive technology, Darrell’s passion is enabling abilities to appear!